Valentine's Day Crafts

With just a few supplies, your children can create adorable cards to give to friends and classmates. Better TV's Audra Lowe shows you how.

-- -- Decorative feel to it. Exactly. So the first thing you wanna do is cut up this, right? Right. The first thing you wanna do is cut it up. Okay. So, here I have 2 pieces---- Uh huh. already cut. You can get 2 out of 1 tray,---- Okay. which is great. And from that, that's where they put the little design. Exactly. You're basically making a stamp. Okay. So, the funny thing about making a stamp is that you have to write backwards because whatever you print is gonna come out opposite---- Right. how you wrote it. Which is tough for adults, Exactly. so it must be tougher for kids. So what you're gonna have is to write it on a piece of paper first. Okay. And let mom hold up the mirror. So like this. Exactly. So, you know, Amy would write, "Love Amy." Uh huh. And she can write some hearts on there too. And you're just holding it up. And you would just hold it up. And this helps them to be able to know exactly how to stencil it in---- Exactly. on this card. Exactly. And you've got a finished product of what it looks like, right? I do,-- Okay. And, I mean it's really easy to do, and I can just show you with doing a couple extra hearts. Okay. You know, you just push in, and you don't wanna push in all the way. Uh huh. You just wanna get a nice dent in there. Oh, I see. And just use, you know, kind of a dull tip---- Of the pencil. pencil. Okay. Now from this point is when the paint comes in, right? Exactly, the fun part. Alright. So you wanna use a foam brush. Uh huh. Because a brush with bristles, the bristles will get into the crevices and kind of leave paint lingering there. Okay. With the foam brush,---- It just will not. it just really runs right over the surface. Okay. So you wanna just, you know, dab some paint. Uh huh. And then just---- Straight over the top, okay. Straight over the top. And you don't have to get inside of the groove. No. You just wanna top this. No, you don't wanna get inside the grooves. Alright. So we're going across here. So we're going across, and you wanna use a Tempera paint---- Uh huh. because it's kind of, it's pretty liquidy. It's safe for kids to use. And kids can use all kinds of colors for these. Exactly. Obviously, Valentines day, you're gonna use red, but they can mix it up just a little bit to make it bright. Yeah, and they can do 2 tone. Okay. And in between each print, they can change the color. So you take this and you just flip it over on the other side, right? Just flip it over. And then it makes some little stamp in print there, okay. This will do it right here. Okay. Press that one down in there. Let me just wanna give it some pressure. Okay. And then how does this, how long does it take you to press---- You just wanna make sure you have it all. Yeah. You know, you got all the edges. Okay. And then you just, you know, lift it up. Wow, look at that. And there you have your print. I love it. Okay, so now this is the tag that you used for the cards. Exactly. We can see some finished products over here too. You can kind of give them to your classmates, of course. Exactly. Give them to your teachers, your grandparents. And, wait, you guys have done this, filled up bags with candy. We did. We put a little bit of candy so as not to give too much of a sugar rush. Uh huh, right. Making all the other parents happy. Exactly. You can mix and mingle a little bit of candy as well, and you also do mix-in in terms of layering the candy, the labels. Yeah. Everything has a little bit of a flare to it, right? Exactly. So if a parents wanna get more information or learn exactly how to do this step-by-step,---- Uh huh. what do they have to do? They can go to and all the instructions are there. Okay. It's on our February issue. Love it. Yeah. Thank you so much. This is a lot of fun. I'm gonna have to try it myself. Thanks for watching Always on with home, family, life. E-mail us at . Together, we make it better.