Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card

Better TV's Juli Auclair shows you how to make a card your Valentine will love.

You're watching Better.tv, home family life. Nothing says I love you more than a homemade Valentines Day card and not just any card but a beautiful pop-up card. And believe it or not, it's easy to make. Joining us now is Chuck Fischer, artist and author of 4 beautiful pop-up books, and he's gonna show us how to make a card that your valentine will love. Thank you so much for coming in. Oh, it's great to be here, Julie. And we have your beautiful books around, this was your first right? Thank you. Yes. Great American Houses and Gardens. So beautiful-- Thanks. and we got your second here as well. The White House, yes. Oh, and that you have to own cause it's just gorgeous to take a sort of a stroll to the White House. That's right. Thank you. And your latest book that just came out in December? Oh yes, Christmas Around The World. That's just fantastic. And this, I'm so excited, is coming out this year? September. September. Yes, 2008. It's called In The Beginning: The Art of Genesis. We can't wait for that. Thanks. But today, we are making Valentines Day cards. We are. And I think, when you say a homemade card and even a pop-up, people get nervous. Oh my goodness! It's difficult to make, but it's not. No, it's simple, and I kept this one very simple, Julie. And you can download these patterns on my web site. So it's very easy, and you can make it at home. Okay, show us how we start. Alright. There are a couple of steps. This is the outside of the card, and you get to choose any paper. If go out to the craft stores today or any art supplies store, they have these beautiful papers. So, just choose the one that you like. And you could make very different cards-- Very different cards. depending on the paper that you choose. Absolutely. Okay. You could do pink hearts or red hearts. You could even do white hearts depending on what you like. Okay. So first, we need to print that out from your web site. Print that out and-- Cut it out. cut it out. That's the outside of the card. And you're cutting out the little heart? Yes, you're making a little peep hole at the heart. Oh, that's so cute. Okay. And then, over here, we have 2 sides that make this heart pop up. Uhumn. And you're gonna see. You're gonna put these 2 together when you assemble the cards. So, we cut it out from here. Cut it out from the pattern. And then you're gonna show me how to put that together? I am. Shall we do it? Let's do it. Okay. Okay. So, Julie, if you will take 1/2 of the heart. Okay. So, we'll close this one up, sort of slide it over. Great. Alright. So, I'm taking 1/2. 1/2 of the heart and place it on the left side of the crease from the middle. We just put a little tape or you could use glue or-- You could. I decided to use double-stick tape this time. So we didn't have all those glue bottles around. Okay. I did a little crooked so I'm gonna fix that up. Straighten it up. That's good. Good? You'll see it'll balance itself out. Then we have these 2 slots. Uhumn. You put the slots together. This could not be easier? No. Really it's simple. Press it down. Good. And I've just made a pop-up heart. You have. Look at this. And what's so nice about Valentines Day is you can write your own greeting on that heart. That is-- Oh, I can write away, right now, and did you bring a pen for me? I did. Oh, you're always so-- [unk]. Okay. Shows up great on the red. And you know what else, Julie? At the craft stores today, there are so many stickers and some are 3-dimensional and some are still just like an antique vintage-looking Valentines. And so, you got to choose what you like and make your card your own. Okay, I'm making my card for you. Let's see. Ah, thank you. So, I could take one of these off? Absolutely. I'm gonna stick that right over in the corner, just like that. Beautiful. How does that look? What do you think of my card? I love it. I made it for you. Thank you. Look how easy that was. Absolutely no problem at all to make, and you can make them look so different. So different-- [unk] and Julie,-- and that was my-- this is my Valentine for you. Happy Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day! Thank you so much for coming in. And if you would like to see the instructions and how to make the card, you can go to Chuck's web site. It's www.chuckfischer.com. Thanks for watching Better.tv, always on with home family life. E-mail us at ideas@better.tv. Together, we make it better.