Make Your Own Pillows

Fresh up your home decor without spending a lot of money. Better TV shows you how to make your own pillows.

This is Your online source for home, family, life. Alright, we are in a push to help to save you money and here's an idea to freshen up your homes decor without spending a lot of cash. Nicole says you just have to pull up our sleeves and make pillows that we can be proud of. Throw pillows can be a great way to add some personality to your living room or your bedroom, but they can be expensive. In retail, these will cost about 20 bucks a piece. We got a couple of $100 here and I actually made them all and so can you. I'll show you how. The penny-pinching way to make a pillow. Start with thread and a needle cheap enough and then if you wanna get some fabric you can usually get it donated if you stop by your area furniture store. This reel right here had all been discontinued so they just went ahead and gave it to me, and they'll give it to you too if you just stopped and simply ask. If you go ahead and buy your fabric, it's still a lot cheaper than it would be if it actually came already around the pillow and they are very easy to make. And the other thing you're gonna need is pillow stuffing. I like this kind because really you can't go wrong. You just stuff as much as you need. The other kind thought that you can get is this kind, but measurement better be good because it has to fit in this form. The fabric that I have chosen here has like a stripped pattern, which is very nice because all I have to do is cut along the stripes, but if you don't have a pattern, you wanna double check. You can just measure at the top and then measure at the bottom and then just do a little slit and then cut right along the line. So, when you have it all cut, you go ahead and put it pattern side in together. Now, it wouldn't matter if this was a star-shaped, a moon, a circle. This one's a rectangle but it really wouldn't matter as long as the shape does sustain. Pattern side in and then we're gonna go ahead and just pin them around and then start filling it. Halfway there! The pillow I'm making isn't gonna have any of these super cool embellishments, but I wanna show you how to make them in case your pillow does. So, they sell at craft stores and fabric stores and all you do is you put it inside pattern-in again just like that and you put over and just filling right along there, and then we flip it inside out. It will look like that. So, it looks expensive, but it's not. After you cut them, put them pattern side in and sew all around them. You have to make sure to keep the space open, so you're thinking why? I don't want a hole in my pillow. No, it's to turn your pillow inside out. Remember, we sewed it pattern side in so that way our fancy pretty side will be the actual finish product. This is usually the point where I go ahead and iron it because it is very hard to iron the finish product. So, after you've ironed it, this is easy as transferring the pillow stuffing from a bag to a pillowcase. No lumpy pillows on my watch. Okay, so I left out little opening and see how it kind of naturally roles in. It's very easy at that point just to put those pieces of fabric together. Sew it up just right there. Really super affordable. So, for a little pop of color in your living room, you can just do it for a penny making a pillow without a sewing machine with a little bit of patience. [unk]. For Better, I'm Nicole. We'll see you guys next time. Nicely done. Nicole says once you've mastered the art of pillow making you can create new.