Quilting Basics

Better TV shows you the basics to quilting.

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This is, your online source for home, family, life. Alright, so I'm not telling you anything you don't know, okay? That I'm a much better cook than I am a crafter. That's okay with me though. Okay, as long as she brings in the food from your segments and all the creations, I'm completely fine it. I'll keep you fed. Okay. I'll keep your belly full, but you know what, this show is all about becoming better. Right. Right? So, I decided to head down to City Quilter in Chelsea for a lesson on quilting. You? Yes. Quilting. Take a look. Beautiful handmade quilts, like something your grandma would've made, but according to former Wall Street Journal writer Mike Habott, you don't have to be a senior citizen to get into the quilting game. In fact, Meg, who wrote the book The Quilter's Catalog says, these days quilting is hip, fun, and a great way to create one of a kind keepsakes that you and your family will cherish forever. Did you know there are more than 27 million quilters in the country? And there's about to be 1 more because I'm gonna learn how, and Meg is gonna show me. What I have here is 2 squares of fabric. They're each 10-1/2 inches square. Kinda like the squares we see right behind us? Yes. Okay. And it's really gorgeous, and to make a quilt like that, and you're just gonna take this needle and thread. You're gonna, there's a pencil line there marked on a quarter inch from the edge, and do 2 to 3 stitches, and then pull it through. Okay. Let me give it a shot. And, why don't you try it? I'm pulling. You're pulling, hey. Hey. There you go. Pretty good? And you just keep going. Okay, keep going. It's terrific. Keep going. I didn't realize how far, far that was going. So, you know, it's a lousy needle. Did you hear that? She said it's a lousy needle. It's not me. How's that? Tadaa! See? I'm a quilter. I am, and it's not just quilts for the bed, it's all kinds of things now. That's right. You can make a purse. You can make ornaments. You can make, I've fold greeting cards in the book. You can make a little poster that is a keepsake for somebody, and it can still be for your bed. In addition to learning from Meg's book, she says you can find a ton of quilting resources online. There's, it has 120 different courses. You can get tutorials on YouTube. You can, you know, find clothing communities. It's like an internet quilting bee, it's there, 24/7. And it's not just making them for yourself. These are great for quests. People love to get them don't they? Oh, they do and you can make the simplest little crib quilt, say, and that's gonna be treasured as an heirloom. Say for thing that you've ever made. My kids' quilt and it's a photograph of my husband and I, kissing on our wedding day, and it's a little wall hanging and it was so much fun to do. Are you proud of me? I'm really proud of you. Look what I made today. Is this amazing? This purse? No, just kidding. This is what Meg made, but it's easy to do, right? Absolutely. Just, it takes a little practice. This has been We're always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, ideas at Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better. Thanks for watching.