Easter Decorating

Spring into Easter with some simple decorating tips from Better TV.

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Here's another great story from Better.TV. Home, Family, Life. Great ideas on how to dress up your house and your table for the holiday. Welcome back. It's so nice to have you. Thank you. Thanks for having me. So, these are little crafts that you can do at home that look like you spent a lot of time, but they're really simple. So simple and not a lot of money for any of them. Which is---- Which is the best part. Which is important. Let's start with this---- This set. beautiful wreath. This is a plain twig wreath that you can get at any craft store anywhere. We sprayed it a kind of an oatmeally vanilla white, and we just hot glued some of this bow-painted eggs to them. So you've got the eggs like that in today? Uh hum. You can get at craft stores as well.-Yes. I love these eggs. They're not your traditional pastel-dotted eggs. No. These are great. Well, they're---- How do you make them? They are hardboiled first of all---- Uh hum. which is important. Yes. And then, we used Krylon metallic spray paint. They have every kind of metallic. They have every kind of sheen. They have every kind of hue. Okay, and that's this right here. Yeah and literally just spray them. You spray 1/2. Let it dry. Okay. Spray the other. -- Okay, now, this is the finishing touch to your table with these plates. Yes. Decoupage. Yes. How do you this? Because it looks difficult, but it's not. Very simple. We cut out these blossoms from an old sample of wallpaper that we had. Okay. And what you do is you paint the top of it, and if you wanna---- Yeah, let's try that. paint the top. And what are we using here? This isn't just regular glue. We're using Mod Podge, which is clear drying craft glue. Okay. And it's sort of the classic for decoupaging. And I'll paint all over the top. Uh hum, and you have to remember, you'll always gonna do it on the back of the plate so that none of the glue is gonna be on top. Your eating surface, right? And actually these are sort of more decorative chargers that you kind of put here because once they go through a wash---- Okay. they're gonna start softening up a little, so you can place that in the center. You really need to let it dry. And then you really need to let it dry. What we've done is we've cut out a little bit outside of the plate---- Okay. from other paper and then we just sort of cut these in so that it wont wrinkle when you put the glue down. It is the same process. You will glue the whole front of the paper---- What a great addition to the table. and then you'll sort of put it up, and then at the end, you'll trim and you'll glue the back totally, so that kind of seals it. What a great idea. Yeah. All of these are great ideas to make your home---- Thanks. just to give it that special touch for Easter. Yeah. Again, thank you so much. And also for the spring. And all through the spring as well, and if you'd like more information on how to make any of these great crafts, you can go to This has been Better.TV. We're always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, ideas at Better.TV. Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better. Thanks for watching.