Tissue Box Crafts

Too sick for school? Parents Magazine has some creative ways to pass the time during a sick day.

You're watching better.tv. Home, family, life. When your child is sick and has to stay home from school, it can be a very long day for both of you. Well, Parents Magazine lifestyle editor Amanda Kingloff is here with a great craft idea that's fun to do and will help pass the time. Thank you for coming in. No problem, thanks for having me. So not only does it keep the kids busy, but the tissues are close by, too. Exactly, and you just, you know, when they're sick, they're in a bad mood. So this will really cheer them up. Make them feel happy. Okay. Right. So that's the finished product we've got here, very cute. Let's talk about the things we're gonna need to make it, and most when have around. Okay. Yeah, I think so. You just raid your craft closet, use whatever you have. Okay. So, you wanna have some fun pattern papers. Uh huh. You need a solid paper for the top. Okay, and then you actually use the top of the tissues to cut the whole in it? Yes. Okay. Exactly, and you wanna have a bunch of chenille stems for some decorative elements for the ears. For the ears over here. Yes. Okay. And then, some big googly eyes, of course. I love those. Some party horns, maybe leftover from a birthday party. For the mouth. Right. Pom pom for the nose. Pom pom for the nose, some little plastic medicine cups if you have those laying around, our great little feet. Okay, and you stuffed this with pompoms and [unk]. Right, some Crinkle Cut Paper that can be used on Easter baskets and things, as great for hair. Okay, let's do it. Okay. So, the first thing you wanna do is you wanna wrap your box with the paper. Which we've already done. Exactly, using double-stick tapes. Okay. So, we already have that. And then, you put the top on. Put the top on. And then you cut the whole out. Yes. And the pipe. Put the chenille stems. The chenille stems. Back in my childhood, I called 'em pipe cleaners, but they're not. Okay. Yes, and now, you sort have a blank canvass to do whatever it is you wanna do. Typically if your kids are doing this craft, you're gonna wanna use some regular craft glue. Okay. But for the sake of speed, we're gonna use our handy hot glue gun. Okay, I'll hold it for you. Okay. And you do what's first. Okay. The googly eyes. Let's start with the googly eyes. Okay. They're kind of the centerpiece. So, I just put a little dab of glue. Pretty easy. Yeah, you can't really mess it up. It's really, it's a super creative thing for kids to do. Okay, now the mouth or you, and [unk] nose. You wanna give me the nose. Okay, let's do purple. I like purple for the nose. Sounds good. Okay, and you know what's great about this box, even after the tissues are gone, you can still keep it around. Right, like you can put, it can hold your markers and pencils, and things like that. To make your little party horn. And everybody's got these party horns leftover from birthday parties, right? Exactly. I have a bag of them at home. So, you just kind of wanna hold that on there. Okay. Glue gun as a quick setter. So we'll do that. I'll hold that while you get the ears. Let's do some ears. And you can choose any colors you like. Yeah, and you know, always the tackier the better. It's kind of more fun to get a little crazy. Alright, another ear for this side. Another ear. This is so cute. So much fun. Alright. Let's get some hair on there. Let's get some hair, you wanna-- Here. Grab some Crinkle Paper. I've got my crinkly yellow hair. So, I'm gonna just do a line of glue here. So be careful, don't. And you can't mess this up. You really can't mess it up. Look at that. You can give the hair all the way down to his feet if you want to. So, you're saying, you stick the pom poms right in the cups? Right, just. Okay. Just fill 'em up. And we don't really have time to do that, but we get the idea. Yeah. Just stick it in there, and then, you would attach them with glue. With glue. Right to the bottom. Right to the bottom. That is adorable, and the finished product it just so cute. It's so cute. A great project for a rainy day, a sick day, any day. Exactly, yeah. Amanda, thank you so much. You're welcome. If you would like the instructions on how to make this, you can go to parents.com. Thanks for watching better.tv. Always on with home, family, life. E-mail us at ideas@better.tv. Together, we make it better.