Wicker Wonders

Give old wicker a new lease on life with some creativity and this easy painting technique.

Sometimes all you need is a little paint, and today's try this you're gonna see how a little spray paint can work wonders on your wicker. Here's Better Homes and Gardens Jill [unk] with more. Give old wicker a new lease on life with simple spray paint. You can start with an old wicker chair or even a new one that you wanna add color to. Start off by wrapping the legs with newspaper and masking tape. Then you can go ahead and start spraying with just a solid color paint, but we're gonna add a boost of style today with a graphic dot pattern. All you have to do is spray some dots of colored spray paint in areas where you think the dot pattern will look nice. Then cut out from clear contact paper circle templates that you'll adhere right over the dried paint. Stick them on really good. Press them in there. Do this in a well-ventilated and well-lit area so that fumes won't get to be too much and so you can see all the nooks and crannies where your paint is gonna go. Once those are in place, get your top coat color. You shake it up and you're gonna spray right over the templates. It's always better to over spray a little bit. Go beyond the point where you're gonna-- where the end of the chair is so that you get a good even coat and it's always better to do several light coats than a lot than one even one so you don't get this much running and dripping. Once this is dry, you'll simply peel off the plastic templates and you'll reveal a one of a kind design. For more simple tips on keeping your home looking its best, head to our website and click on the try this channel. You'll find everything from shadow boxing to making curtains.