Flower Vase

Fall Flower Vase

Make a fun, fall-inspired vase using items around your home.

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A beautiful flower arrangement in a decorated vase doesn't have to cause phenomenal leg and you don't even have to be a pro to do it. Celebrity floral arranger Amy Child Marella of the Hidden Garden Floral Design shows us how to make a fun fall-inspired vase using items you probably have lying around the house. Everybody has a few extra vases under the kitchen sink that they're just not really sure what to do. So, we're here to show you how a single type of flower and a few special touches to that vase can make it a little [unk]. You're gonna clean up all of the leaves from the stem so that any leaf that might be going into the water aren't staying in the water cause that will cause bacteria. As you put each [unk] then start from the outside, and you're gonna work your way up, that will give you the best work of a pouffe arrangement, and for now, we wanna try and figure out how we're gonna dress it up a little bit to make it a little bit special. One of my suggestions will be to take some simple ribbon that you might have at your house and you can actually just tie a couple of [unk] around the base just to give it an extra color, cut the ends so they'll look cute. And now, you've taken your base of glass vase and you dress it up and giving it a little special touch. So, here we have another basic vase that you might have under your kitchen sink. We just took a couple of bunches of calla lilies, really simple, and we just wanna dress up our vase. This is called [unk] and it's a spray glue, and it's an adhesive. So, take a paper towel, put it under your vase, you're going to actually spray the outside of your vase with this. Next, a glue adhesive and using tapes, a piece of fabric, wrap it around your vase, and it will actually help the fabric adhere to the vase, and then, you've taken away the base of glass vase, and you turned it into something extra special. You can use any kind of fabric. You can use something that have a little bit of bling to it, something that has embroidery to it. Something that has different colors to it. One of the treatment that you might need to your fabric wrap vase at this point to fall is take a few of these fall leaves that you might have outside, dab a little tip of hot glue on them, and you can actually adhere them to the vase just for a little added touch, something like that. So hopefully, we found new two unique ways that you can dress up your everyday ugly kitchen sink vases to make them look a little bit more special. Very beautiful, don't you think? You can find more tips on flower arranging from Amy by going to our website and clicking on the ***CUT DICTATION***