Crafty Gifts

Check out these Crafty Mama gift ideas to give your stocking stuffers that hand-made touch.

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Well what if you stock those stockings with this Christmas. Good question, right? Abby Pecoriello is the author of Crafty Mama. She's got some great homemade gift ideas that are creative, inexpensive, and most of all, Abby, they're easy to make, which I like. Yes. That's good for me. You don't need any talent to make any of these. That's right up my alley, okay. There you go. So let's start off with some of the things that you have here, and all of these are handmade craft ideas that you've got. Yes. Easy to make. This first one down here is kind of like a brag book? Yeah, it's a little brag book. It's something I bought at the Dollar store. I cover it with a little fabric, ironed on a picture. Really, really simple---- Uh huh. with no sew, no mess. These are wonderful wipe clutches. I love this. I call them the Wipey Clutch. Yes. They're fabulous. If you have a child you can use them. Even if you're like a teen, a tween, whatever. Uh huh. You don't wanna get schmutzy, they're a great thing to carry around with you. And you found those cases at like what? At the Dollar store. The Dollar store. Everything from my book Crafty Mama is all from really, really cheap, from the Dollar store. I don't believe in paying a lot of money. Okay. These are personalized utensils; cute little spoons, combs. I even have toothbrushes that have---- Wow. my kid's names on them. Really great, really fun, easy to make. Uh huh. These are little booties. These are for the kids. Really cute, simple. Kind of dazzle at the front there---- Of course. like that. Yup, and I ironed down a little S on the side and changed the laces with some ribbon. Uh huh. These are awesome iron on t-shirts. Uh huh. You can make them in any size, you know, from grandpa down to your teeny, tiny newborn. Right. You can put whatever image you want on them, Urkle, Elvis. Urkle and Elvis, I love that. What, you know, very easy to do. Okay. You buy iron on transfer paper at---- Uh huh. any office supply store, and you just buy inexpensive ones. These are t-shirts---- Yeah. on sale. Iron it on. Really simple. They wash great. Good idea. Really great. Okay. These are little barrettes. I made them seasonal here with Christmas trees, candy canes, stockings, but you can do any little thing. I buy a whole pack of barrettes---- Uh huh. and cute little fixins' to put on top at the Dollar store at---- Yeah. inexpensive places like Oriental And this one here is really nice too. I like it. It's like This is---- a little wallet, right? Yeah, it's a little pocketbook. If you open it up and pull out a little pictures---- Okay. inside. It's just a great fun, interactive book---- Wow. for kids. That's my husband. You see that? He needs a haircut. We all do. But each one has a different photo. Yeah. Someone else in there. Yeah. Okay. And that's just made out of felt, which is 29 cents a sheet. Yeah. And inside are cereal boxes---- Oh. that I just teeter. To mask. To make it kind of solid. This is kinda like a security blanket for a kid, right? Yes. I call it little Schlappy. It's really cute, you know. Uh huh. Kids can rub it against their face. Okay, before we ran out of time---- Okay. we have to make something here too. Yes. Alright. So these are awesome. These are the photo bragnets. Each one cost probably about 40 cents to make. They're great for any age. Okay. All you need is a whole bunch of extra photos, which anybody has---- Uh huh. anywhere. You need some accent marbles, which are really great. You can buy them at any craft supply store. Uh huh. You need some magnet packings, again, at the craft store, and a hot glue gun. Okay. All you do is you just take a clear marble and you put about 6 squirts from a mini hot glue gun on the back, right? Okay. Like that. Just press it on top of their Sasha's face. Push it down. Push it down. See it's clear. That's clear, yeah. It dries clear. Really clear. We'll let that dry for a second, and then I'll show. This one is dried up. From this one, there's Lily, yup. You can just cut around. You don't have to be afraid to cut the extra glue. Uh huh. It's no problem. You can just cut the glue. It doesn't separate. It's real fabulous. That comes off very easily too. There you go. You just take a magnet from the back and you hot glue it---- Uh huh. and you put it on, and then you've got a really fabulous magnet. And that's what it looks like. You can put it on a refrigerator, anywhere. Yeah. These are fantastic. I love it. They're great, easy to make. You can make a whole set of the family for---- Yeah. in-laws, grandparents, friends, anybody. Great for kids of all ages. You're a good one. Thank you so much, Abby, and there are plenty more great craft ideas---- in Abby's book. It's called Crafty Mama and it's in bookstores now.