Christmas Crafts

Spend some quality time with the kids making these adorable holiday crafts.

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This holiday season is time to put Santa's little helpers to work, but the helpers that we're talking about are your kids. Amanda Kingloff is the lifestyle editor for Parents Magazine, and she's got some great ideas for us. Welcome back Amanda. Thank you. You're a busy little bee over there. Busy bee. If I get your kids busy, 'cause that's-- Yeah. You should be decorating for Christmas. Exactly. And you have a lot of stuff here to day to show us and everything is pretty easy to make. It's, you know, different age ranges as far as-- Exactly. Pretty much kid-friendly materials. Okay. For the most part, and we'll talk about them as we could. Sounds good. Yeah. The first thing you've got behind you? The first thing is really what I consider the labor of love for this holiday, and this is really something that mom or dad wants to make. It's an advent calendar, and so this is, it's a lot of work, but it's something you'll use year after year. Yeah. It's made all out of felt, these are adhesive felt numbers that you can buy already cut. Okay. And these are, we just kind of use templates that we found online for different holiday shapes, and they're just Velcro'ed on. Oh, I see. So, it's just a little piece of Velcro on the back, and it sticks right to the tree. And at, the numbers at the bottom, are those little pockets? They are little pockets. So, you just slip your little felt decoration into them. Uh huh. And if you don't wanna make 24, you could alternate a piece of candy everyday. Yeah. So, you know, it gives the kids a little sweet treat. That's a really good idea. I like that one. Yeah. You can use it over and over again, too. Right. We've got a little mini tree here. A little mini tree to show you some of the ornaments that we made. The first one are these button ornaments, and this one of those things if your kids are younger than 4, you really wanna be with them when they're doing these. Yeah. Because. -- just 2 layers of socks stuffed in between so the kids can sort of get their hands in their. Uh huh. And decorate it with buttons and ribbons for scarf. Very soft, I like these areas. Very cute. The wreath? Something different? The wreath. Basically, this is a great activity plus crafts. You send the kids outside to collect pine cones, acorns. Uh huh. Whatever is lying around. Spray paint your wreath. Obviously, you do that outside. Uh huh. So that the air ventilates, and let the kids glue on the different elements that they found outside. Paint 'em with a bright color and hang 'em on your door. I love it. These are some great colorful creative ideas that just makes you wanna be a kid all over again. So, if you guys wanna get detailed instructions on how to make any of these projects or get some other ideas, trust me, they're gonna keep you busy over. There is Thanks for watching For more stories like the one you've just saw, catch the television program Better every weekday. Check your local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city.