Drilled Pumpkin

Here's a new way to decorate that pumpkin for the holiday season.

Rev up your pumpkin carving by pulling out your power tools. The right tool always makes a difference and a power drill is the perfect one. So, here's what you need to start. You need a nice, hollowed-out pumpkin. I've got this one painted black, and then you can take some chalk and kinda draw on the design that you want. I'm doing some spirally, swirly things like this. And then, you're just going to use your power drill with the right-sized bit on it and just start drilling your holes. This is cool because it's really fun and super fast to do. So you kinda get the idea. You're just gonna fill out your design with your drill. You can also use this technique and use these cool color-coding labels. You can get this at any office supply store and just kinda stick them on wherever you want your design to be. So, let's see. I'll put one here and maybe I'll put one over here, and then, when you're ready to start drilling, you just peel off your sticker, grab your drill and drill your hole right where your sticker was. And you can always make bigger holes by using these cool hole saw attachments for your drill. Any way you slice it, a power drill is the perfect way to get a great graphic look for your pumpkin.