Veggie Pumpkin

Don't carve your pumpkins -- dress them up with a veggie garnish. Better shows you how.

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Well, the Jack-o'-Lanterns certainly have evolved these days. We're getting creative and adding some vegetable accessories or unique decoration. Take a look. Why not go a little Frankenstein with these all natural add-ons. So what you're gonna do for this technique is you're gonna shop the isles of you're grocery store for food that can look like features. Like here, I've got some kale hair and some radish eyes, and even cauliflower can make cool hair. And you can either start with a pumpkin that you haven't carved at all or you can start with a very simple face like I'm gonna do here. So, what you need is you need some toothpicks, and you need some larger skewers to hold some of your larger veggies, and let's see, I'm gonna use some brussels sprouts maybe for eyeballs, and I'll try this guy, maybe that one. And you just kinda skewer it right through the bottom like this. And then, you're just gonna stick it in and skewer it into your pumpkin. And then for nose, I'm gonna use some yellow peppers like this. Let's see, well, it's-- I'll try out a few. I think I like this one. So for this, I'm actually gonna use a skewer because the pepper is a little bit longer. So I'm just gonna cut it down maybe right about there. And you're just gonna stick it right into the pepper like this. So I'm gonna stick this on first. And then I'm gonna skewer it on like that. And now for our hair, I'm gonna use some asparagus to give 'em some really spiky hair. And so for this, I'm gonna use again my little toothpicks. I'm just kinda stick 'em in. And then you take your asparagus. I'm gonna do some short spiky hair here and just put it right into the base of the asparagus. So you kinda get the idea. You can add a lot of hair or just a little bit of hair. Either way, I think that looks really, really cool. And so now, we need some teeth for our guy. And for that, I'm actually gonna use some indian corn. And with that little wood-carving tool, you can this at any craft store really inexpensively. I'm just gonna kinda pick off some kernels. You just stick these right into your pumpkin. So as you can see, you can go completely no carve or maybe carve a simple face and kinda jazz it up with your vegetables. Either way, it's a great way to face Halloween.