Kids' Clutter

Contain Kids' Clutter

Start with an ordinary mailbox from a home center or hardware store. End up with a colorful container that keeps your kids' clutter where it belongs: hidden!

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To contain your kids' clutter, try this easy idea. Using these ordinary mailboxes I've picked up at the hardware store, and I'm gonna turn them into a great storage solution. I've got a version that have this hooks on the bottom. They're good to hang lightly coats on, but the real purpose of this is to stash your stuff. So get started by spraying the mailbox with some primer. I like to use spray primer so that you don't see brush strokes when you're all done. Then, pick your kids' favorite color or coordinate the color with the space where you're going to hang it. To paint this, hold your spray can about 8 inches away from the mailbox and do long even strokes. Once they are painted, you can personalize them, [unk] full of flower or you [unk]. Hang one or hang a group. They're a great way to keep track your kids' important papers.