Doggie Bed

Man's best friend deserves the best bed in the house -- and it's easy. Just transform a metal tub into a cushy nap spot for Fido.

When it comes to style, don't forget your pet. Dog beds can cost a small fortune, but this idea doesn't. Start with a basic galvanized hub, pre-paint it with the primer and then pre-paint it in the color that you want. Do it with a pillow. This can be any old pillow. It could be a pillow that you sew to make it fit or can this be an old bed pillow or accent pillow, whatever fits. If you like to color the pillow that's great. Stick with that or just cover it up with a length of decorative fabric. This is a great idea because just lifting off this fabric and tossing it into the wash is a whole lot easier than tossing an entire cushion or a whole dog bed for laundry. You could separate there and have lots of colors and styles or you can personalize that one step further with some stickers. We've spelled out best friend here with some puppy stickers, but you can also use any kind of details or you can also stencil and spray on the same words. In the end, you've got a great-looking dog bed that will hopefully keep your pet out of yours.