Shadowbox Gallery

Get a simple rotating art gallery by placing pretty fabric swatches in photo shadowboxes.

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Shadow boxes are great way to treat rotating art gallery using fabric. I'm gonna show you a technique that just uses velcro and foam core. So, you can pop your fabric out and change it with every season or whenever you are decorate. Just got a piece of foam core that fits inside the shadow box leaving a little bit of an edge around here so it looks like it's floating. I've already wrapped this piece of foam core on 3 sides. I'll show you how we adhere it in place. Just take a little bit hot glue and ran it down the side of the board. Move quickly because hot glue dries fast. Let's adhere it in place. And here's a technique for securing the corners neatly. Just pinch it up and leave this top flat sticking out to the little dot of glue on the corner, and to put, thread in and tuck it down. Then, to secure it in the shadow box, just take 2 strips of adhesive industrial strength Velcro. It's important to use the industrial strength because it's wider and they'll keep it more stable when it's hanging inside the box, and if you use 2 strips again, just keep it more even and more balanced. And all you have to do is pop this frame in your sideboard together, and there you have a rotating art gallery.