How Do You Spell Style?

Send a message with this simple idea. Pick up pre-cut letters at a craft store and then personalize them using cool scrapbooking papers. Perfect for a kid's room, a home office, or anywhere that needs a little s-t-y-l-e.

Know your ABC's and try this personalized project. Make letters! These letters are a trend that's still going strong. And whether you use a single letter, monograms, inspirational words, they're a way to make a statement about yourself and you can make them yourself. Now, you can find these letters at the craft store and then you're just gonna put your own spin on them, and I'm going to decoupage them with scrapbooking paper, just like the paper you wanna use and then you're gonna trace out the letter shape onto the back side of the paper. Important to remember, you're gonna use the back side. So, if you have a letter that's direction-specific, like this L, you wanna turn it and lay it in the opposite direction. So, you really have to think-do this process before you go get the scissors out. So then, you'll just trace around your letter and then take your scissors and cut it out. Now, you're ready to get the decoupage out and you're gonna decoupage the front of your letter. So, take a little sponge brush with your decoupage glue. Give it a nice, even coating. You're gonna take the scrapbooking paper and you're just gonna apply it to the letter. And then what I like to do is take a sponge roller brush and just roll along the letter and smooth out any air bubbles that might exist. Now, you are gonna wanna put a little bit more of decoupage over the top of your letter and actually, this gives it a nice sheen and kind of just finishes off the letter for you. And there you have it! And all you need to do is just let that dry. Now, you could place them on a desk, a shelf, or a mantle, but you know, anywhere you place them, it will spell style.