Separating Eggs

Sometimes a recipe calls for either egg white or yolk -- and sometimes the egg white and yolk are used in different steps of the recipe. Here's how to safely and successfully separate the two.

Some recipes call for separating eggs and then beating them to a particular consistency. Just a speck of yolk in egg whites will prevent the whites from beating properly. So, a little extra care needs to be taken when separating eggs. Start with cold eggs since they are easier to separate. There are a variety of ways to separate the white from the yolk. Using an egg separator is one of the safest ways to separate eggs. Passing the yolk from shell to shell is not as safe. The outside of the shell may contain salmonella. Separating the yolk by pouring the egg through a cupped clean hand with slightly parted fingers is acceptable. Particularly when separating many eggs, for example when making an angel food cake, it is safest to use the 3-bowl method. 1 bowl is for the white of the egg you're separating. The second bowl is for all the yolks, and the third bowl is where the clean yolk-free white from the first bowl is transferred to. Thus, collecting many yolk-free whites.