Lining a Pan with Foil

Baking bars and brownies in a foil-lined pan means they'll come out of the pan without a problem -- and it makes cleanup a breeze, too.

To make it easier to clean the baking pan and remove and cut bar cookies, line the pan with foil. Try this easy way to line a pan with foil. Start by inverting the baking pan on the countertop. Shape a piece of foil over the inverted pan. Put a few drops of water in the pan. This will help keep the foil in place as the dough is being spread on the pan. Place the pan-shaped foil inside the pan and gently smooth it out making it mold to the pan's shape. If your recipe says to grease the pan, grease the foil lining instead. Once lined, simply put the dough in the pan and press it until it is evenly distributed in the bottom of the pan.