with a Knife

Slicing with a Knife

Do you watch those TV chefs in awe as they wield their knives with incredible precision and speed? They learned proper slicing technique in culinary school -- you can learn it here.

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Slicing with a knife uses a special technique. Using appropriate, firmly fixed cutting surface. A damp towel under a cutting board keeps it from sliding around the counter top. Grip knife handle comfortably. Rest the tip of the knife on the cutting surface for guidance and control. Protect your fingertips by curling your fingers inward as you grip the food to cut. Slice through the food along the length of the knife blade with a single rocking motion, pushing the tip away from you. This makes the knife do all the work, reducing your effort and the strain and stress on your hands. Finish your slice in a single motion that takes you to the end of the blade.