Pack & Ship Cookies

You've gone to the trouble to bake -- now make sure the goodies get there in good shape. Watch these easy tips on packing and shipping baked goods.

Hi, I'm Lori from the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. Whether you're baking for kids away at school or family and friends across the country, you wanna make sure those baked goods get there in one piece. So first of all, let's decide what type of baked goods are better to send. Basically, you'll wanna use sturdy cookies, drop cookies, dense bar cookies or brownies. You can even do loaves of bread. I like to keep them in there original tins. That just makes them a little bit more secure upon sending. You'll wanna avoid cookies or bars that have cream filings or custards or anything that can spoil. Now that we've decided what types of cookies are best to send, I'm just gonna show you quickly how to prepare those for mailing. What I like to do is you can take 2 cookies back to back like this and then just wrap them tightly in Saran wrap. You can do 2 cookies such as this or you can even make larger cookie bundles like this here. I like to wrap my brownies individually and then once again I have my loaf of bread here, which I would wrap in plastic wrap and then overlay with aluminum foil. So I've got my cookies wrapped, ready to pack. I've got these pretty decorative cans here with some colorful paper for packing and you simply wanna just place your wrapped baked goods inside, making sure that you don't overpack but just fitting snugly. And then you wanna consider what you're gonna ship it in. So I have a sturdy box here. What I have is a layer of shredded newspaper. You can use the packing peanuts if you'd like, and what you wanna make sure to do though is have a good layer on the bottom for cushion. We're gonna place our heavier items on the bottom. Then what you wanna do is put in another layer of shipping material such as the newspaper or the peanuts again and place your lighter items on top. Once you do that, you're gonna put your lid on. What I like to do is just give the box a nice little shake at that point to make sure that everything is secure in there and doesn't rattle around. If you hear something rattling, you'll wanna undo it and add a little bit more of your packing material. So I've got my box all taped up. I have it clearly marked with the address where I'm sending it. And I like to write perishable on the box and that will just ensure a little bit safer handling. That way, when you go and you send off your goodies to your loved ones, you'll make sure that they arrive there in 1 piece for everyone to enjoy.