Easy Freeze Cookie Doughs

Keep classic holiday cookies in your freezer to pull out and pop into the oven. Fresh-baked cookies any time!

For that fresh out-of-the-oven taste, try this. I know it can get so hectic during the holidays, and you don't always have time to whip up your favorite cookies. But I've got an idea for you that allows you to freeze your cookies already in a shape that you're gonna bake them. And then you can have fresh out-of-the-oven taste anytime you want. So, 2 doughs that work really great for this are gingerbread dough and sugar cookie dough. Now for your [time=0::30] gingerbread dough, I'm gonna just roll them into balls. And you could make any shape you want, but I think balls make it really easy. So then I'm going to roll each ball into some coarse sugar or you can use regular sugar if you'd like. And then put them on a wax paper-lined baking sheet or you can line it with parchment paper if you got that lying around. So I'll pop these in the freezer and get them nice and firm, which I've already got a batch that I've done that for. And once they're really firm, you wanna just put them into a Ziploc bag. And now, that's just so that you can store them more easily and they don't take up so much room in your freezer. And then, when you're ready to bake your cookies, just pull out as many of these little balls as you'd like depending on how many cookies you're wanting to make. And bake them just as you normally would. And you can actually just pull them straight out of the freezer, put them on your baking sheets, and bake away. You don't have to wait. They thaw really quickly. Now you can do the same thing with sugar cookies actually, which is kind of surprising. All I've done is rolled out my cookie dough and cut whatever shapes that I want. Now, shapes that work fast are those that don't have a lot of really delicate, you know, arms or legs or whatever `cause they can snap off pretty easily. But again, I've just put my sugar cookie cutouts right unto to my parchment paper-lined baking sheet and put them in the freezer for several hours or until they're very firm. You're gonna wanna use a flat container just because they're a little bit more delicate. So just peel them right off your paper, which is very easy to do. They won't stick, and layer them into your container. Now you wanna do this fairly quickly because the cutouts, since they're so thin, they will thaw pretty quickly. So I'll get them in, layer them with some wax paper, and they go back in the freezer until you need them and are ready to bake them. Pull off a layer at a time. Arrange them on your baking sheet and bake them just as your recipe would say. Save yourself some time this holiday season by keeping these classic doughs in your freezer and ready to bake up anytime.