No Bake "Gingerbread" Houses

Try this clever twist on traditional gingerbread houses. These cozy little "log cabins" are built with graham crackers so you don't have to bake a thing!

No time to make a classic gingerbread house? Try this! I've got a quick shortcut that cuts out all the baking. All you need is an individual milk carton that you've rinsed out really well and then allowed to dry, some graham crackers, and then a variety of really fun toppers. Now, you can see that I've made kind of a log cabin village. You could go more the classic route if you wanna do the bright-colored candies, but I think this is a super fun idea. Now, all you do is take some frosting and obviously canned is a really easy alternative to homemade, and just spread that on the back of your graham crackers as if it's glue. Okay, I've got some frosting in a Ziploc bag here, and that's gonna help to, you know, pipe on the frosting to these little pieces of decorations that I'm gonna use to add on to my house. I've just trimmed off one of the corners with some scissors, and so that makes it really great to pipe on. We'll just add some trim to the cabin. And you can get really creative. There are so many different options, of ways, of decorating this. You can get everybody involved and make a little village. [time=0:01:30] So get your family involved and make a whole little log cabin village. Just be sure you don't snack too much on all the decorations!