Easy Homemade Dessert Nachos

Easy, homemade bite-size dessert morsels. Take a buttered tortilla, sprinkle it with sugar, and crisp it under the broiler. Then -- the best part -- load the sweet nacho up with your favorite fruits and yogurt.

Who doesn't love nachos? I mean, everyone knows it's a classic appetizer, but have you ever thought that you can have the same stackable fun for dessert? I'm gonna show you a couple of variations that I like to make, and then you can try this at home with whatever ingredients you'd like. So, all we're gonna do is make some sweet chips to replace our salty chips that you normally might use. I'm gonna take a plain flour tortilla and brush it with a little butter. And then I'm just gonna sprinkle it with something sweet, like cinnamon and sugar. That's what I'm using here, but what you can do is cocoa powder and sugar if you want something chocolate. So then, you just take a pizza cutter, cut them into wedges like you would want your chips to be, and then I'm just gonna put them on a baking pan that's covered with foil because that'll help with my cleanup later. And if you wanna do something really fun, you can bunch up your foil a little bit like I've done here and drape your tortillas right over the foil, and they'll come out a little bended after they're done broiling. This will make them maybe look a little bit more authentic. So now, I'm just gonna pop these under the broiler until they're a little bit crisp and golden, and they'll come out looking just perfect for our nachos. So, here's what they look like and I'm just gonna build my nachos now, which is the fun part. So, here, rather than using sour cream, beans, and cheese, like I might for a regular appetizer, I'm gonna use some yoghurt, fruit, and even some nuts. So I've got my nachos down. I'm just gonna dollop some yoghurt on top and then sprinkle with my toppers. Now, this variation is a little bit more healthy, so I like to use this when my girl friends come over because we've always gotta have something to eat when we hang out. Here's my berries, add a little bit of blueberries, too. And then sprinkle with some nuts. It's a perfect little dessert that's a little bit healthy, too.