Create Swirly Cupcake Stir-Ins

Mix and match your cupcake batter with another flavor -- peanut butter or chocolate. Think ice cream stir-ins, but for cupcakes.

Cupcakes aren't a new idea, but for a simple twist, try this. This cupcakes are full of flavor from simple store ends. How you do is start with your favorite cake batter and then let you imagination run wild. I got some mixed dried fruit bits here, some melted peanut butter, melted chocolate, and even some canned cherry pie filling, but I like chocolates so I'm gonna show you how to marvel that into a cupcake. [unk] So, you just take your melted chocolate and make a few little dollops. Try it again in the smallest possible on top of your cake batter, and then you just take a long-wooden skewer and just swirl away. You'll get a nice marveled effect when your cupcakes come out. So now that we've got our cupcakes ready to go in the oven, you just bake `em like you normally would, and then we'll add some finishing touches, and a good idea is to give people a little clue what's inside by sprinkling something on top of your frosting, so you can use your favorite frosting, and like here, there are some peanut butter swirled on top, or I'm gonna put some chocolate chips on top of my frosting because I've got some swirled chocolate in this cupcake. So, here's a really fun easy way to make some really flavorful cupcakes. [unk]