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Brown-bagging it to school doesn't have to be boring. Here are some tips to make lunch time "fun-time."

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Wanna perk up your kid's school lunch? Try this! I love that sweet crunchy ending to a Chinese meal, so why not include a fortune cookie with your kid's lunch? They'll love reading their fortune to their friends. Let's see what I've got. The outlook of your day is bright. Now, what kid won't wanna have that in their lunch? Or you could do an individual package of dried fruit or even some trail mix. It's got the M&M's and the peanuts and the raisins for that sweet, salty treat. I've got some popcorn packaged up in some really cute bags, and that's fun too. So, you've got some caramel, cheese, or any flavor you'd like, really. Or if you really want the crunchy bite of a potato chip, how about doing chips and salsa instead? You can package your salsa in a little container and your chips in an individual baggy, so that they're all ready to go. Now the last 2 ideas I've got are not really related to food at all, but still they're very fun for kids to find in their lunch box. So, first of all, some stickers to keep them occupied after they're done eating or how about a note from mom and you can attach it to an apple; kind of a subtle hint to make them eat that apple. I mean, who wouldn't wanna know that their mother is thinking about them all day? Now, with these quick and unexpected ideas, you're gonna take your kid's lunch to a whole new level.