Pretty Puffed Pastry

Put puff pastry center stage with these easy dessert ideas.

For a light and airy treat, try this pretty dessert. I'm gonna start with a package of puff pastry and fix it up. Thaw the package of puff pastry and then unroll the sheet unto a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Then, I'm simply going to cut it up. I'm using a pizza cutter here, which makes it really simple. You can make short sticks or you can make squares or you could use cookie cutters to make shapes. Then, you wanna prick the dough all over with a fork and then separate your pieces slightly. You want about an inch between each piece. Once you've got your pieces all separated, you wanna put that into a 425-degree oven for about 12 to 15 minutes or until they're really nice and golden brown on top. When they're done, you wanna cool them on a wire rack until they're completely [time=0:01:] cool. Now, I'm gonna show you how to fix them up for dessert. This first idea, I'm just gonna take one of my squares and open it up using a fork. Now, these are slightly delicate, so you wanna be a little bit gentle as you do this. Now, I'm gonna take some cream cheese, which is softened and spread that on to the bottom and then top it with some raspberry jam. And of course, you could use whatever kind of jam that you want. Apricot would be really good, too. This makes it really sweet and adds so much flavor. Then you wanna put your top back on. And if you wanna set it off-center a little bit so that you see the filling, that's pretty, too. In my bag, I have some melted chocolate, and that's gonna top it off for a really nice garnish. For this next idea, I'm gonna use these little sticks that I made. I've got some chocolate frosting here that I'm just gonna spread over the top. To garnish this one, act like your peeling your carrot except use your chocolate instead. Now, you've got a bunch of pretty little white chocolate curls to garnish your dessert. That was so simple and they'll taste really great. 2 quick sweet treats!