& Flavorful Popcorn

Fresh & Flavorful Popcorn

There's something magical about making popcorn at home. Flavor it in all kinds of scrumptious ways.

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At my house, movie night is standard; at least 1 night a week. And we love getting creative with our popcorn. In fact, it's almost more important to figure out what we're gonna mix with our popcorn than figuring out what movie we're gonna watch. So, here are some of my ideas. You can mix some trail mix with your popcorn, which is really great and kids love it. Or some goldfish which is really fun too. Gets a lot of color in there. And what about some licorice nibs and dried fruit? Here is something that my husband loves because he loves spicy food. I've just mixed some Parmesan cheese, some chili powder, and a little bit of cayenne pepper if you really like it hot. I'm gonna show you a really quick way to mix your popcorn with this seasoning. So, I've just put some popped popcorn into a plastic bag and I'm going to spray it with a little bit of nonstick spray so that the powder will stick a little bit better. Then, I'm just simply going to toss in my mix, whip it over and get a little bit more on the other side. Seal my bag up. Get the air out a little bit and just shake away so that it all gets nice and coated. Oh, and one other great idea that I thought of is pesto. I love pesto. So, we tried pesto with a little bit of melted butter tossed with our popcorn, and that was really wonderful too. So, if you like popcorn at movie night, I hope you'll try this.