Make Deviled Eggs Different

Deviled eggs get a kick of extra flavor from simple stir-ins. Try these easy variations to make your eggs anything but traditional.

To make deviled eggs different, try this! Almost everyone loves deviled eggs, but do you ever wanna change up the flavor? Here are a couple of really quick ideas. I'm gonna start by just making up a really basic filling recipe. You can use your own recipe or if you don't have one, check out our recipe center on I've got my egg yolks, a little vinegar, mayonnaise, and finally, some mustard. One of my favorite things to add to a deviled egg is curry powder, which may sound kinda interesting, but it really kicks up the flavor, and you don't need very much. Once you've got it mixed up really well, just spoon it into your egg whites. I like to top these with a little bit of chutney. It really adds a lot of really great color and a sweet and sour flavor. The next idea is using some fresh herbs and hot pepper sauce. It's the same basic filling recipe, only I'm gonna snip up some fresh tarragon, and stir in some hot pepper sauce as well. And for a really fast way to pipe my mixture into the egg whites, I'm gonna put the mixture into a plastic bag, and snip off 1 of the corners. You could use a piping bag too if you have one, then you can mound it up really high, and I'll garnish it with a little bit more fresh tarragon. The last idea is a classic flavor that I know you'll all love. BLTs. So for this one, just stir in a little bit of chopped cooked bacon to your basic filling recipe, pipe that into your egg whites, and then garnish them with a little bit of chopped tomato and more bacon. I'm sure everyone will love it. Next time you wanna make deviled eggs, try one of these flavorful ideas.