Your Own Yogurt Cheese

Make Your Own Yogurt Cheese

Ever tried yogurt cheese? Make it yourself in one easy step and transform ordinary yogurt into a versatile treat.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

For a creamy yoghurt treat, try this. Yoghurt is great for breakfast or a snack, but not everyone loves that tangy flavor that it gives, so I'm gonna show you how to turn it into yoghurt cheese, which takes out some of the tang and makes it extra creamy. So, you just wanna start with plain yoghurt, which you can find anywhere, and you wanna make sure that you use yoghurt that doesn't have any gelatins or gums in it. So you have to look at the ingredient list to find those ingredients. Plain yoghurt works best. Then, you just need a bowl, a sieve, and a coffee filter works best or you could use a couple sheets of cheesecloth if you don't have a coffee filter at home. Spoon your yoghurt into the coffee filter. Cover it and put it in the fridge, at least 6 hours, but it works really fast if you do it overnight. When you take it out of the fridge, it's going to look like this. See all this liquid in the bottom? That's where a lot of your tangy flavor is coming, and what you're left with is this kind of drained yoghurt cheese. Let me show you what it looks like. It's very thick and creamy. Now, what can you do with your yoghurt cheese? There're a lot of different options, but here's some of the ideas that I like to do at home. So, if I'm making some sweet potato fries or even just a baked potato, just make a quick dip by stirring in some garlic and fresh herbs or you could make a simple dip for fruits. Just mix in some honey into your creamy yoghurt dip and top it with some walnuts or pecans, but the thing that I like to do best is take my bagel in the morning and spread it with a little bit of yoghurt cheese and jam. It makes a really wonderful treat, and it's a little healthier too than regular cream cheese. Next time you want a really creamy yoghurt treat without all the tang, try this!