Twist Pancakes

Citrus Twist Pancakes

Brighten up breakfast by turning ordinary pancakes into something special. The simple secret is a citrus twist .

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To make your morning more special, try this. You can add a lot of really bright flavor to your basic pancake recipe by adding some orange zest. I like to use the peel from 1 whole orange for a whole recipe of pancake batter. That would make about 12 pancakes. And if you don't have your own recipe, you can find one on our Recipe Center at So there's a couple of tricks to making a really great pancake. First of all, you want to make sure that your griddle is nice and hot. And if you're using a griddle that has temperature settings on it, I like to start it about 375. And then when it's nice and hot, turn it down to about 350. You wanna use about a quarter cup for a nice-sized pancake. And if your batter has thickened quite a bit upon standing, because it will thicken as it stands, you may need to stir a little bit of milk into your batter. Your pancakes will start to sizzle and bubble. And once you see quite a few bubbles on the surface, you know that you're getting close to turning them. So I'm just gonna lift up on the edge. I see that it's browned. That is a perfect pancake. Alright! This last one's ready to go. Smells wonderful. You can smell that orange zest radiating out of the pancakes. So I've checked the bottom part of my pancakes and they are nicely browned. Stack them up on your platter. For a fun way to top these pancakes since they have orange zest inside is to put a little bit of mandarin oranges on the top. And of course, maple syrup is always a must. These pancakes are a really bright start to your day.