Petite Pancakes

Pancakes aren't just for breakfast. Put together these tiny but tasty appetizers using mini-pancakes.

For a really cute poppable appetizer, try this! I'm gonna show you how to take a few simple ingredients and turn them into something spectacular. First, you're gonna start with your pancakes. All I've done is stirred some fresh chives into my favorite pancake batter. And if you don't wanna use fresh, you can use dried. The key is to make really tiny pancakes by using about a teaspoon of batter per pancake. That's your base, and then we're gonna do some really quick toppings for it. I've got some purchased dip here. You can use vegetable dip, onion dip, whatever you'd like. And then I've got an assortment of vegetable toppers. The first one is just simply spooning a little bit of dip onto the pancake, taking a really thin slice of fresh cucumber, a toothpick, and then you just stick the toothpick right into the dip. That way, your guest can just pick up the little appetizer, and pop it into their mouths. The next idea is going to use tomatoes and basil. Again, you're gonna put a little bit of dip on top of your pancake, and for this one, I'm gonna take a little basil leaf here, put that on to my toothpick accordion style, kinda like you're making a small skewer. I've got some great tomatoes here. I'll add that to my toothpick and press it onto the dip. My final idea is super simple. I just took some jarred roasted red pepper, and I'll lace that on to my toothpick, add some dip to my pancake, and then, pop in the red pepper. I just know your guests are going to love these poppable appetizers.