Portable Pizzas

It's not your traditional takeout pizza -- but it's definitely portable. Try this quick toss-together snack.

Do you ever need a quick snack or mini meal that you can eat on the run? Try this! Make a portable pizza. It's kind of like a walking taco, only instead of using taco ingredients, you're just gonna use your favorite pizza toppings. So, I've got some pepperoni and, of course, shredded cheese and some pizza sauce here, but you could really use any ingredients that you want. I'm just gonna take my pizza sauce and pour into a microwave-safe bowl and add my pepperoni. Pop this into the microwave, warm it through. You wanna make sure you heat up your ingredients that really would taste better warm. Then the fun part begins; you get to start building your pizza. So, rather than using pizza crust, I'm gonna use a little package of cheese crackers instead. Crunch up your crackers a little bit just so there's more room in the bag. Cut off the top. Just spoon in your sauce first and then your meat goes in. Top it off with some shredded cheese and grab a plastic for it. And you've got a hearty snack in no time flat.