Easy Ice Cream Layer Cake

Layer luscious cake and rich ice cream for an impressive dessert. Pretty and delicious! Oh yes, easy too.

For a spectacular ice cream cake, try this! Ice cream cakes are always a big hit, and I'm gonna show you how easy they are to make. So, first, you're gonna need a springform pan, and it's best if you start with a pan that's got a really tall edge, like 3 inches or so. One easy thing that helps at the end is to line your pan with parchment paper. So, I'm just gonna take a sheet of parchment paper and lay it over the bottom of the pan. It's just gonna stick out the bottom like that, but you'll see why it's helpful later. Then, I'm gonna take a half gallon of ice cream and soften it. Just unwrap my cardboard carton and then make slices in the ice cream, and put them into a bowl and you'd definitely wanna let your ice cream stand out for 10 to 15 minutes before you do this; otherwise, as you know, it's fairly hard and this is where you need a little bit of muscle. You just kinda have to work with it. Stir it until it's not all 1 big piece, but kind of more of a smooth consistency in my bowl. Now, you can use any flavor of ice cream that you want, and any cake flavor that you want, too. I've used 9-inch cake layers here, but in 8-inch springform pan. And why did I do that? It's because my cakes are gonna shrink while they bake. So, I've got chocolate cake here. I'm just gonna take one of my layers and put it into my pan, and then take half of your ice cream, put it on top. This is strawberry ice cream with chocolate cake, so it makes a really pretty finish. All right. So, you got that all the way to the edge. Add another cake layer. So, I'm gonna add the rest of my ice cream and by the way, it's okay if it goes a little bit over the top of the springform pan. Finish off with your last cake layer. You wanna kinda press it down a little bit just to make sure you've got all the air bubbles out. And now, that goes into your freezer and you wanna make sure it's in the freezer for at least 4 to 5 hours or until it's very firm. I've got one that's already been frozen for quite sometime, and now I'm gonna decorate it. Loosen the sides of the pan, and lift it off. I can already see how wonderful this is going to taste. This is where my parchment paper comes in really handy. I'm just gonna lift the cake off the bottom of the springform pan, hold it with my left hand, and as I set it onto my platter, I'm just gonna peel back the parchment paper, and then the cake goes right onto the platter. I'm gonna do a really simple frosting using some whipped dessert topping. Now, to garnish, you can really use whatever you want. I've got some strawberries here or you could use chocolate curls. You could toast some nuts and put them on the top, and then if you take your fresh mint and snap off the little leaves, you can tuck those in amongst the strawberries, and that really adds a professional-looking touch to it. A beautiful finish to any meal!