Fresh and Fast Fruit Sherbet

Whip up a fresh fruity treat at home. This sherbet is sure to be a hit.

Like the fresh fruity flavor of sherbet? Try this! You only need 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes of time to whip up a batch of this frozen treat. So to start, you just need some frozen fruit. So I've got strawberries here, but if you want to use mangoes or raspberries, you can do that too. Whatever you like. So I'm gonna put about 3 cups of my fruit into a food processor. You wanna make sure you use a good strong food processor for this. And then you just pulse it on and off until it becomes kind of like shaved ice or really finely ground. This may take a couple of minutes. You just wanna make sure that everything is really well ground up, and it's kinda got a powdery look to it and I need a little bit more time. Now that it's all nice and ground up, we're gonna toss in a carton of vanilla yogurt. And if you want, you can use any other flavor of yogurt too. And I like to add a little dash of honey, although you could use sugar if you don't have any honey around. Just a little bit from, with a little added sweetness. Your fruits are already adding a lot of sweetness along with your yogurt, so you don't need very much. And then you just wanna process that in as well. You wanna make sure you've scraped down the sides of your food processor so it gets all mixed together. Once it's all well blended, you're done. You wanna serve it right away because it'll melt fairly quickly. Or you could put it in your freezer for about an hour. You can serve up this frozen treat anytime.