Go Green! 3 Ways to Flavor Your Tea

Brew up a refreshing change! Add these fun flavors to your green tea.

To brew up a batch of good health, try this! Green tea is touted for its antioxidants and ability to boost metabolism, but not everybody likes the flavor of green tea straight. Here's a couple of quick ideas to add a lot of flavor to your green tea without a lot of calories. First, I'm just gonna brew up a cup of green tea for myself, and when I'm at home and like to add a lot of flavor, I'll add a slice of fresh ginger. You can add as big or as small of a slice as you want or a couple of slices. I've got my tea bag and my ginger slice in my cup. Then, I just add my boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes. If I want a really big ginger boost, I'll just leave the slice in while I'm drinking it. On a hot summer day, it's a great idea to make up a batch of iced tea. So, I've got a pitcher here with lime and lemon slices and just pour in my green tea. Very cool and refreshing! And finally, to add a lot of flavor to your green tea, you can add some fruit juice. I'm gonna use pomegranate juice which will really boost the antioxidants and give it a really beautiful color. Next time you want to brew up some green tea, try these quick ideas.