Give Pizza a Cajun 'Kick'

Need to kick up the flavor of your pizza? Try a Cajun combination you can assemble in a snap.

Stuck in a pizza rut? Try this. Pizza is a favorite for most families, but you don't always have to stick to the pepperoni and sausage toppers. Spice things up and try this Cajun variation. I'm gonna start with a little bit of alfredo for my sauce rather than regular pizza sauce. To that, I'm gonna add some Cajun seasoning. Depending on how hot you like it, you can vary the amount that you add. You can buy your alfredo sauce in a jar in most major supermarkets. So that's really fast and easy. I'm using one of these purchased pizza shells, but you could make your own if you want. Spread the alfredo sauce on the pizza. It adds a lot of really rich, creamy flavor and a nice kick with the Cajun. For the toppers on this one, I like to use chicken, red peppers, and onions. I'm using some cooked chicken breasts here that I've purchased in a frozen package. You could use any leftover chicken you've got at home or if you want to buy a deli roasted chicken, that's fast too. Top it with some roasted red sweet peppers. This adds a lot of really great color and flavor. Next comes the onions, which is a staple in Cajun cooking, so it's a must on this pizza. And finally, the cheese. I'm using Monterey Jack cheese, which goes really well with the chicken and peppers. But you can use whatever cheese you like. Bake that at 425 degrees, about 20 minutes or until your cheese is all melted and the crust is nice and golden. I hope you use this idea next time you wanna spice up your homemade pizza.