Delicious Dips for Strawberries

Dip into these fresh ideas for strawberries. The classic flavor combinations go beyond traditional chocolate.

For a twist on dipped strawberries, try this! Chocolate-dipped strawberries are always a favorite, but I'm gonna show you a variety of other dippers you can use. You wanna make sure that you start with really dry strawberries so that everything sticks to them really well. First, I'm gonna dip them into some sour cream and then brown sugar. This gives kind of a caramelly flavor. You wanna make sure you get it all nice and coated. The second one is honey, which I'm sure everyone has in their kitchen, and some chopped almonds. When you're using nuts, you wanna chop them pretty fine so they stick to the strawberries well. The next idea is using lemon curd, which you can find at most supermarkets. You could use orange curd or even lime curd if you want. And then I'm dipping them into some chopped pistachio nuts. And finally, this one is really simple, some yogurt and granola. Strawberry yogurt is what I'm using, but you could use vanilla or raspberry or really any other flavor that you want. See how easy that was? This beautiful platter of strawberries will tempt anyone.