Asian Noodle Bowl

Easy Asian Noodle Bowl

Try this quick-to-fix Asian noodle bowl using traditional grocery store ingredients.

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Do you like those noodle bowls you can get in Asian restaurants? Try this! I know I've used Ramen noodles in a pinch for a quick dinner, but I'm gonna show you how to add some pizzazz to those noodles. So, we're gonna just toast together a really quick noodle bowl. Take a little bit of coconut milk and chicken broth, a couple of each to be exact, and I'm using the full fat coconut milk here because sometimes if you use the lighter variety, it tends to curdle if you heat it too long. So, you wanna splurge and use the full fat. I'm also gonna add a little bit of crushed red pepper to add a little bit of spice, bring that to boiling, and then you're gonna add the Ramen noodles. You can use whatever flavor of Ramen noodles that you want. Here, I've got the chicken kind. So, add the Ramen noodles, along with the seasoning packet that comes with them. Get that all in your saucepan, and then add your favorite stir fried vegetables. So, broccoli works well, cauliflower, red pepper strips or even some onion wedges, and I like to add carrots too. And now, you're just gonna simmer that for about 3 minutes or until your Ramen noodles and vegetables are tender. So, 1 step's done. It's gonna look like this, and I'm just gonna stir in some cooked chicken. Just divide that amongst your serving bowls, and make sure you get a little combination of all the ingredients, along with some of that really flavorful sauce. To top it off, I'm gonna sprinkle with some cashews, or you can even use some sliced almonds if you prefer, or toasted sesame seeds, and there you go, a quick way to turn ordinary Ramen noodles into a gourmet noodle bowl.