Waffle Snacks

Whole-Grain Waffle Snacks

Sneak some whole grains into your kids' waffles -- they'll love this good-for-you snack.

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Do your kids love waffles? Try this! Get creative and serve them as an after-school snack. I like to use the frozen whole grain variety or you could make your own. You can cut them into sticks and serve them with some yogurt to dip in or even a fruit-flavored syrup. They'll love it! Or like I'm gonna show you. You can make an open-faced sandwich that's really quick. I've just got my waffle here, and I'll take some flavored cream cheese. Spread it on to the waffle. These are so easy. Your kids could make them themselves if they've got the ingredients on hand. The toppers are really endless for this. For now, I'll add some fresh strawberries and bananas. Now, if you want a treat for yourself mom, you can try making this topping. Take your waffle and some Nutella, which is hazelnut chocolate spread. It's really decadent. Spread that on your waffle. You can top it with some sliced almonds or coarsely chopped hazelnuts or even some granola. It gives it a really nice crunch. So, next time your kids wanna try something new for an after-school snack, try this quick idea.