Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Soften, sprinkle, serve. Watch how easy it is to create cute ice-cream sandwiches.

For the perfect ice cream sandwich, try this! Ice cream sandwiches were always my favorite as a kid, and I'm gonna show you a quick trick to make your own at home. First, you wanna start with a foil-lined 13 x 9 pan. You wanna use a heavy foil. I've got a half gallon of vanilla ice cream in this bowl. And it's been standing about 10 minutes, so I've been able to stir it nice and soft. I like to add some fun ingredients to the center of my sandwiches, like colored sprinkles or you could even use some mini-chocolate chips or chopped up peanuts. It adds a lot of really great color and flavor. And then transfer your ice cream to that foil-lined pan. If you're making sandwiches for a crowd, you may need 2 pans or you could even use a 15 x 10 baking pan and use a bit more ice cream. Sprinkle some more of your sprinkles on the top. You wanna put this in your freezer for about 6 hours or until it's really well firmed. This is what it's gonna look like. I've already got one done for you. You wanna find a big tray or cutting board that's gonna fit over your pan. Get that into your workspace and then just lift out your ice cream using that heavy foil. It's gonna be such a firm piece of ice cream. You can just flip it over on to your tray and then peel back the foil. The next thing you wanna do is find a cookie cutter. You want it to be a little bit smaller than your actual cookie. Now, just make cutouts in your ice cream and simply put it on the inside of your cookie and top it with your next cookie to make a sandwich. You wanna press them together just a little bit so that it sticks to that ice cream. Another fun thing that you can do with your sandwiches, [time=0:02:00 like I'm sure you've all seen in the ice cream shops, is to sprinkle the edges with something more. I like to use whatever I've stirred into the ice cream, and your kids can help with this. It's a lot of fun. So, I'm just gonna sprinkle it on and then you can kinda press it into the ice ream. Who knew you could make a perfect ice cream sandwich at home.