Pop Burger

Here are some tips to creating the perfect burger from the chefs at New York's Pop Burger.

Well every big city out there seems to have a popular burger place that the celebrities love to go when they have a craving. In LA, it's In-N-Out Burger. And here in the big apple one of the big hotspot is Pop Burger. Julie, check it out for us. We're here at Pop Burger in Midtown, Manhattan. It's the coolest place and all the celebrities are coming here for the Pop Burger. An executive chef, Carl Ruiz is gonna show us how to make one. Hey Carl! I'm Julie. Hey, how are you? Nice to meet you. I'm Carl, nice to meet you. I hear we're making a pop burger. You better bet it. Hey, what do we do first? First, you put on your gloves. Okay, we gotta be sanitary right? We're touching meat. That's it. Okay. A good hamburger starts with a combination of 80-20, which means 80% beef and 20% fat. You gotta have fat? Anything good in this world has a little bit of fat. I would say that, it's true. Okay. Okay. So put in your hand and make a perfect circle. Make a perfect circle first. Put it in the middle of wherever it's gonna be and squeeze like that. Is that a perfect circle? Close enough. Okay. It's not pretty good? Put in your hand. Yeah. Now go like this. It's fun. So, you go and you just put the patty down. Now, I know people who'd go in and flip 'em, and flip 'em, and flip 'em the-- No, no, no, no. Okay. I won't do that. This is very, very simple. The more you touch it. The worse it's gonna taste. The meat will actually start bubbling up and it will tell you if you this side of it, when it's ready to be turned. So this is the time we should be prepping our bun? Right. So get the bun. Which celebrities love Pop Burgers? Kelly Ripa's been here. Ivanka Trump's been here. Marie Presley was here and my mom comes here. Your ma, she's the most famous of all. I love it. As far as I'm concerned. Alright. Let's get these buns ready. Okay. So you take the buns. That's a nice sharp knife. Voila! Perfect. Okay. So now we're ready. Now, this is the most important part, the burger flip. Okay. This is where the battle of the burger is won and lost. Alright. So-- Serious stuff. A lot of people like to press it, make it smoke. All the juice is coming out. Not everybody at the barbecue know they're making something important, and they start making a lot of smoke and stuff. Right. [unk]. You have to just look at it, if you can move 'em, they're ready to go. Okay. So, let's see. Alright, they'll be moving. Go at it from this side. That's moving. So, I'll go in like this? Right and then flip. Alright-- Okay. Now, leave it alone. And that's it. Three minutes the side is a good for a good meal. If you wanna put something that you wanted to melt on it, now is the time. I'm all about the cheeseburger. Okay, pretty good? Yup. That's it. That was easy. So now that's gonna start. A lot of mistake people make is they cook the burger the whole way through and then they put the cheese on. And then it's too well done. Then you'll have the cheesy hockey puck. Nobody likes the cheesy hockey puck. 2 minutes into it. If you want, with the bread like this, you'd like to heat it up. Then you put the bread where the burger was resting. So it's gonna pick that flavor. Oh, it's soaking' up the flavor and a little bit of the fat, right? Right. I got my bun. Take your bun. Here we go. Then I get my burger. Alright, should we taste them? Yeah. Alright, this is the one I made. So you taste it, then I'll taste yours. Uhm, that's fantastic. Now, yours is delicious, what can I do better? Yours is perfectly fine. Really? You have a good teacher. You. I get it, didn't I? That was so easy, wasn't it? Put it on the grill and don't touch it. Great tip! Thank you so much. Thank you. If you'd like to see us do this again. Go to our website Better.tv and click on food. Try this. Enjoy everybody! This has been Better.tv. For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the week day television program better. Your source for style, trends, relationship, beauty, fitness, and other stories that will help make your day better. Check local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city. Thanks for watching.