Homemade Snack Packs

No more cheesy puffs and cookies. Make your own healthy 100-calorie snacks.

Well, we all love those 100-calorie snack packs; but they can also be pricey, and sometimes they're filled with ingredients that we should avoid. Taste of Home Food director, Diane Werner is here. And she is sharing some quick and easy tips for creating our own homemade 100-calorie snacks that help to satisfy our cravings, but also save some money as well too. Right? Oh, you bet. Welcome to the show. Thank you Good to see you here. Thank you, thank you for having me! I'm just looking at some of the samples. It's easy to pick these things up. They're fast, it's easy, but you said that it's──. We're paying for the packaging. Boy you are, at least 2-1/2 times the cost of what it is to make them. So── Okay. And the ingredients are everyday ingredients. You can find them in any grocery shelves. They're delicious. And you got a couple of examples here. Yeah. We're gonna take a look at these here, the peanut Granola mini bars. This is the one that── Similar one that you would buy in the grocery store. Right, right. And you can see the difference right in front of your face. Yeah. But let me tell you, if you could have 1 to eat, the taste factor is superb compared. And what healthy cooking magazine does is to list several of these 100-calorie portion snacks that you can make to yourself. So this one has got── What is it? Granola? Old-fashioned oat meal. Right. Okay. Oats and reduce that peanut butter. You have the chocolate mini-chips. You got peanut butter chips and sweetened with a little brown sugar baked in the oven, easy, easy to do. About how many calories? 100 calories. Everything is based on 100 calories. Okay, I like that. Cute theme, pretty easy. Is it? Easy, easy to understand. Right. Let's move on to the next example here. Its banana date-nut mini muffins that you would normally buy in the store. Prepackaged. They looked cute, but── They look cute, but if you ever read any of ingredient labels, you'll find that there's at least 25 different ingredients on that label. Not that that's a bad thing, but you're paying a lot for those ingredients. Ours are all natural ingredients. Bananas, dates, walnuts. What could be better? Yeah. A little oats. These taste wonderful. Okay. So 2 of our muffins compared to 2 of those muffins plus 1/8 the cost practically of what you would pay for. Again, it's all about the packaging. And so far I can see a little method here. Is it just my imagination or do they look different? They look a little── They look-- Healthier. They look healthier, and I guess, I wish you could taste them, for sure, because the taste would convince you how much better they are. Trust me Diane. I'm gonna get a chance as soon as I can. You can kinda── Trust me. Okay. The last but not the least, I like this because it helps to satisfy your sugar and your salt cravings as well too. Right. And you know, I did a big shop on 100-calorie packages out there. And this one isn't really out there on the market. So it's kinda── Cranberry popcorn deluxe is what's── Right, right. You'll find your snack mixes and all that, but you won't find this one. It starts with a near-pop popcorn and to that, you will just add the cranberries or crasins, some almonds, and some pecans. And you know how good nuts are for you. Yes. You know a lot of good antioxidants. A good form of protein. I can't get enough of that in there. Then, what they've done to make this glaze really wonderful is we've added a little honey, maple syrup, and butter, and just a little touch. A touch of almond extract really bumps up the flavor. Okay. Drizzle this over this concoction of popcorn, and you would bake this in your oven at 325 for about 15 minutes, and just store occasionally. Okay. And this is really a great snack. It is. I mean, it really is satisfying. It's full of fiber too. You mentioned nutrients. It's really good for you. You know, if you're gonna snack, granted you can eat a snack like a hardboiled egg or something, for under 100 calories. That's not fun though, huh? Yeah. That's not fun. And you know what, is just not satisfying. When I want a snack, it's got to be good. Exactly. So, the whole point is being to satisfy that snacking craving that you have out there. Do it yourself and save lots of money. It's so easy to do the muffins freeze wonderfully. I love it. Put them in your freezer, just pop a couple and a little Baggie and throw it in your lunch. We're gonna have to try some of these out. There's a lot more recipes in this magazine as well too. Thank you very much for coming by in the studio. Well, thank you for having me. It's been great! And if you guys wanna get more healthy and economic homemade snack tips, or if you wanna see these recipes again, you can go to our web site, better.tv. You will have a link to all the information.