Snack Healthy with Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies and fun homemade fruit rollups will get anyone, young or old, snacking more healthily.

I know milk and cookies are an after-school snack standby, but do you ever wanna feed them something different? I've got an idea for you that's simple, quick, and a little healthier too. All I'm gonna do is make some quick tortilla roll-ups. So I've got a whole-wheat tortilla here, and I'm just gonna spread it with a little bit of whipped cream cheese. And then, I'm just gonna take an apple and slice it up quick and throw it on top of my cream cheese. Do a few kind of layers, and we'll just roll it up like I'm making a burrito. And if you make sure that you get a little bit of cream cheese kind of toward the edge, it will hold that together really nicely. And then what I like to do is just slice it up, little apple roll-ups. Now, to have something to drink with those roll-ups, I'm gonna make a very easy smoothie. It's packed with fruit so it's really healthy. Pour in a little milk. Add some frozen mixed fruit which you can buy already cut up. If you've got some bananas lying around, that's a great thing to add because it makes it really creamy. And then top it off with a little bit of yogurt. And you can use flavored yogurt if you want or just plain yogurt. There we go. And then you'll just blend away. So there you go. It's all nice, blended, and smooth. I like to use the frozen fruit because it adds a little flashiness to the smoothie. And now, you have a really wonderful, healthy drink to serve with your tortilla roll-ups. I just know your kids are going to love it.