Tidy Tacos

It's true! Tacos don't have to be messy. Try this clever idea to get great family-friendly taco taste without all the cleanup.

Tacos are oh so good, but they can be so messy sometimes especially for kids. How many times has this happened to you when you're trying to fill your taco? You've tried filling it up with all of your ingredients and it crunches. I got a solution for you that is a lot more tidy and it's just as much fun. I just take a pita pocket, open it up, and fill it with my taco ingredients just as if I was making a taco. I'll just spoon in my favorites: meat, lots of cheese, and I like some tomatoes and sour cream, too. But again, you can use whatever you want. And then to top it all off, what's really fun is just to add a few little tortilla chips that are already crushed up. That'll add the crunch that you're missing from having that messy taco shell. And there you go. You've got a really tidy taco and no mess that goes along with it.