Jersey Cake

Team Jersey Cake

Using a mix or your favorite recipe, shape your cake easily into a sports jersey. Then decorate it with your favorite team's colors. It's easy and fun.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Does your family like cream cheese and bagels? I'm gonna show you something that uses a basic bread dough and transforms it into a beautiful loaf that has the cream cheese and the jam already built in. I've just got my bread dough and I've just rolled it out on my baking sheet here. You want a nice rectangle and then all I'm gonna do is take some softened cream cheese and spread it down the center. You wanna divide it into thirds. And then you'll have a third plain dough, a third plain dough, and then your cream cheese down the center. Make it as thick and creamy as you want. And then I like to add jam, but you could try honey if you didn't want jam or you could even just do a simple sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. And you don't want it to be too thick of a layer or it'll start seeping out the sides, but a little of that is kinda fun too. And now comes the fun part. I'm gonna make a braid using this dough, but it's really simple. I'll just have my kitchen shears and I'm just gonna make diagonal slits from the outside in toward the jam and cream cheese. So, you do this all the way down both sides. And you wanna leave about an inch space between each cut. Alright! So now, once we have our cuts made, we're gonna start braiding. And this is very simple. So you just start at the top and you just go side to side, every other. So, we're gonna start there. You don't necessarily have to pinch them together, and I like to go diagonal a little bit just so that it comes out all pretty and nice and I'll overlap a little bit, which is nice. That'll keep them together while I bake. And then once you get to the end, you've kind of got this leftover dough. I just kind of pull it toward the center rather than making a diagonal fold. I like to put it on a foil-lined baking sheet because then if the jam does ooze out a little bit, it makes a really quick cleanup. And another thing that I like to do is brush the top of the bread dough with a little bit of egg wash, so just beat up a little egg, brush it over the top and it really makes it nice, shiny, and golden. So, I hope you try this next time you want a really fun and quick breakfast treat.