Shake It Up! Dinner on the Run

Fast food doesn't have to be unhealthy. Try this simple make-and-take dinner idea.

Think you don't have time for dinner? Try this. I cannot skip the meal, and I don't always wanna fuel up on a drive-thru dinner. Here's my solution; a quick to fix traveling salad. Gather up all of your favorite hardy salad ingredients and then grab a little disposable container then just start layering in all of your ingredients. So, I've got some mixed greens here, then I'm gonna add some cooked chicken. I'm using the frozen cooked chicken breast strips but if you've got leftover chicken around that's great or even some leftover cooked salmon from the night before, some mandarin oranges to add a little fruit and then the dressing. Drizzle that in, and I always like to top my salads with something crunchy. So, here's some crackers or some slice almonds, and I prefer toasted sliced almonds. You can even buy them already toasted with a little flavor added to. Those are great. Give your salad a shake. Grab a plastic fork and you're out the door. Now, that's the dinner on the go that you can feel good about.