Sauce Fix-Ups

Spaghetti Sauce Fix-Ups

Jump-start your jarred spaghetti sauce by stirring in one simple ingredient. You'll get a whole new flavor from your old familiar sauce.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Wanna dress up your favorite jarred pasta sauce? Try this! Jarred pasta sauces are so convenient when you need a quick meal, but I'm gonna show you 2 ideas I like to use when I wanna take my sauce to a whole new level. So I've just got my jarred pasta sauce here on the stove top warming up, and all I'm gonna do is add some cream cheese to give it a really creamy, cheesy consistency. So I've got my cream cheese, and you kinda wanna let your cream cheese soften a bit before stirring it in. Simply stir it in until it gets to be the consistency you like. There's really no magic measurements here. Typically, I use about 8 ounces of cream cheese for a 26-ounce jar of pasta sauce. Now that that's nice and heated through and the cheese is all melted, serve that over my pasta. Of course, I always like to top it with a little bit of parmesan cheese. Now this next idea I'm gonna show you is the same basic idea, but rather than using cream cheese, I'm just gonna use goat cheese instead. It adds a little bit of tiny flavor. Now this works really well when you need a really quick appetizer. So I like to just chunk up bread and dip it into the thinner sauce, and I wanna get this one a little bit thicker just so that it sticks to that bread when you dip it in. Next time you wanna get adventurous with your jarred pasta sauce, try this!