Sunflower Centerpiece

A low, rimmed platter and a few fresh flowers are all you'll need to create this simple and elegant centerpiece.

A super simple sunflower centerpiece is easy to create if you know what to do and it makes a beautiful statement this fall. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee and I've got a great idea for you today! If you wanna get the flavor of fall on your table in no time, this is what you wanna do. Now, what's great about this idea is you could use things from your grocery store, the fresh flowers I should say, or from your craft store, which are the silk flowers, which will last you all through the season whereas the fresh, you'll have to replace, but that may be just fine with you. Let me talk to you a little bit about the silks first. This is a beautiful silk centerpiece, right here. And the first thing you're gonna need whether you use silk or fresh is a shallow dish, something longer to go down the center of your table. You could also do a round one if you want. Think white or clear glass, so your flowers pop. Now, with your silk flowers, what's great about these is you can either cut them or you can just pull the heads right off, just like this, and then you'll place that right down in your bowl. Now, every other color, if you have two colors, would be beautiful; stagger them. Let's talk about fresh real quickly. If you're working with fresh, the first thing I want you to do is just put some water into your plate, just like this. That should do it. Now, let me just get these silks right out of our way here so we have room to work. You can choose any flowers that you like in the grocery store as long as they have nice big heads on them, which is why I like sunflowers. And sunflowers also come in a nice variety of fall colors, and I'm gonna use 4 in this centerpiece, but depending on the size of your bowl, just use whatever it is that you think fits and works well. But one of the things I wanna show you is make sure that the heads are about the same size. You can see the difference here. So I'm gonna set this one aside and maybe, you know what? I think I'll just do 3. That is beautiful! But also, anything that's got a nice big head and a flat bottom, cut it right here by the stem, is gonna work perfectly for you. Now, one other quick idea for fall, why don't you try staggering, maybe floating candles, along with your flowers whether they're silk or fresh. They're gonna look absolutely beautiful! From everyone here at, we wanna wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season! Ba-bye!