Candle Circle

Make this easy arrangement in minutes using your choice of natural or artificial materials. Then let the candlelight glow throughout the Holidays!

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A candle circle focal piece is easy to achieve if you know what to do and how to utilize your local craft store. Hi! I'm Sandra Lee and this may look beautiful and difficult, but can I tell you, it's the easiest thing that you will ever see. Now, I'm gonna use things right out of my own home, but also I'm gonna embellish them with things from the craft store. The first thing you're gonna need is either a wide plate, a large plate, or a bowl like this with a lip; either is fine, [time=0::30] then a nice hurricane of your choice and a candle. You can even use a candle that you have already lit. No ones gonna know. Pop that in here. Now, this is a great idea whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter; whatever it is, this is fantastic. From the craft store, I just got a bunch of silk kind of foliage. These are in beautiful colors. I'm using these stems as filler along with my plastic gourds, my plastic pears, and even some cherries because I like the color. Now, this is just a garland that you can get in any craft store. It's a one piece all wrapped up here. This is what I'm gonna use as my base. All you have to do is take this and wrap this around, just like this, in your dish and what it's gonna do is create a beautiful wreath-type form around your hurricane. I'll place this thoughtfully and wrap it tightly, so you have a beautiful, full circle. You're gonna wanna push it down just a little bit and make sure that all of those leaves are faced up. Now, here's what you need to do for the filler. These individual stems here are perfect. I want you to bend them just a little bit so they go around the hurricane. So, take them, insert like this and then every other one, I'm gonna use fall leaves and then leaves with these wonderful berries on them. And I wanna intertwine my garland with those so that you have accenting colors all the way around. This is gonna give you a beautiful, full effect and it's gonna make you look like you paid a fortune or spent a ton of time and you didn't at all. All the way around, that is beautiful! Now, for the final accent, what I want you to do is just take, maybe your plastic pears or anything you want, crab apples would be beautiful, and pop those right in here. Just like this. And then maybe your gourds might be very nice. A little accent touches, and if you wanted to, you could certainly hot glue these down into your leaves and berries, but I don't think there is any need, and then some cherries here. Now, I'm gonna finish the back, but everybody here at wants to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Bye, bye.