Leaf Topiary

Fall Leaf Topiary

This fall-themed topiary celebrates the best of the season. We made our leafy topiary tall and narrow, learn how to choose the right size based on the container.

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Fall topiaries are a festive and fast way to add true elegance to any home. Hi, I'm Sandra Lee. I've got a great project for you that will get you from the beginning of fall all the way through the holiday Christmas and New Year season. This is it. Now, I wanna show you the things you're gonna need, not as many as you might think to create this beautiful project. Now, the first thing I want you to do is go to the craft store and get beautiful fall leaves. These are artificial leaves and they come on stems or on garlands. Whatever you want will be absolutely fine. Also, I want you to get a vase of your choice and some floral foam. You can use sand if you want. Let's gonna go right down into your vase just like this. And then also, you're gonna need a little bit of moss for the bottom and also to fill in your topiary ball and you're gonna need to pick up about a 6-inch round ball for this project. This is just foam, not floral foam; just regular foam will be great. Okay. You're also gonna need just a little bit of wired ribbon in green or brown, something beautiful, some floral wire, wire in the department to make your life a lot easier. Now, these are salt cedar sticks and they are perfect to create the stems of your topiary or I should say the branch base. Now, this was the top of the stems and this is the bottom. So, snip this off because they're too weak to hold your floral ball on the top. Okay, we'll get rid of those. Now, for the bulb, this is a great trick. You're gonna take some of your leaves right off the branch and I just want you to take them and pull them off. You can either cut them if they are singles just like this. And you're gonna need about a quarter of an inch left on that stem, and if they are doubles, say like this right here, you can literally just lift those off and leave those together just like this. With your floral ball, what I want you to do, your foam ball I should say, take your glue gun, and this little end right here, I want you to push right down into the foam and give it a nice generous squirt of hot glue. Then take your leaves and put those right inside there and they will stay perfectly and for another here, one more hole right here. And I wanna show you a great trick. When you're putting this fall topiary together, I want you to take your leaves and maybe turn them so you'll see the bottom side. That way it will look like leaves that are just falling in an absolutely fine to add those accents. Now, in between your leaves, what you wanna do is just add some of your Spanish moss here and don't cut it with your scissors. You wanna just tear it with your Hands, and what you're gonna do is hackle that into the ball to cover up the white and be generous with that glue, and you're just gonna build your way all the way around the ball until you get to this stage nice and full. Now, what I want you to do is look through here and find yourself a nice opening, like this, and then you're gonna take your sticks, the thin side of the stick, okay, and put that into your floral ball just like this and work it in as deep as you can. Right, like that. Now, with your vase bring this on over here. Take this and put this right into the center of the floral foam pushing it down until you're happy with the height of your topiary. Now, for this, I want you to just put some moss up here. I'm gonna hot glue this down and then to finish it off, I'd like to use some beautiful ribbon around the base just for an accent. And to get you through the holiday season from, say, Thanksgiving to Christmas time, why don't you think about all of those gorgeous holiday balls like this to add accent so after the Thanksgiving you can put this in there for Christmas. Another great project from We wanna wish you all a very happy and a healthy holiday season.